Now is the time to prepare to be a on or off ice coach.

It’s summertime and often the last thing you are thinking about is next hockey season.

Well this is actually the time to start thinking about it.  Have you thought about coaching or helping out around the ice during the season?  Would you like to be more directly involved with your child’s season?  Now is the time to start to think about those things.  

Especially with the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season and the possibility of needing extra ice sessions having certified and ready coaches is important.  As many who were involved in the 6U/8U program last year know with so many kids at that level we need as many certified coaches, managers, and volunteers as possible.  Before registration even begins those interested in coaching need to prepare so they are certified and qualified to be on or around the ice.  

This year with safety concerns and the countries move to online education many of the clinics and classes necessary are available online for the first time, making it easier for you.  

This is a great time to get the following accomplished before the season begins:

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