Board of Directors

Meet the Plattsburgh Youth Hockey Board

Plattsburgh Youth Hockey holds monthly board meetings either in person or virtual. Active members in good standing of Plattbsurgh Youth Hockey are welcome to attend board meetings. Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Andy Nephew


Shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors; sign contracts, leases, deeds and also notes and other evidences of indebtedness upon approval of the Board; sign checks; call PYH member and Board meetings; have general supervision of affairs of PYH.

Ricky Reil

Vice President

Shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties and in his/her absence or disability to assume his/her duties and officiate in his/her stead.

Amanda Jackson


Shall keep the minutes of PYH member and Board meetings and keep all reports and documents connected with the business of the PYH. Shall maintain a role of membership; post minutes and notices of regular meetings and special meetings of PYH and Board; send same minutes to Board of Directors. Whenever notice is required under these Bylaws, such notice may be given by regular mail, by electronic mail, by publication in area newspapers, or by any combination of such methods the Board shall determine to be appropriate.

Rebecca Pirofsky

Fundraising Coordinator

Responsible for conducting the day-to-day operational management and implementation of all PYH activities pertaining to fund development and fundraising. As well as develop the PYH annual fundraising strategy and budget.

Kate Ryan


Shall have charge of the funds of PYH and keep a record of all receipts and disbursements, and shall render a written report monthly or when requested by the President of the Board of Directors. They are responsible for receiving all funds due the organization and deposit these funds in the bank designated by the Board and make payment for all expenses authorized by the board. The Treasurer will prepare an annual income and expense report and make sure that all Federal and State Corporate tax returns are filed accordingly. In addition, the Treasurer shall serve as the advisor for insurance policies.

Jennifer Hrnjic

IT Director

Responsible for maintaining and managing the organizations website, sports management system, Google Workspace Administration, email accounts, file access, permission and moderating distribution lists, and other IT systems. IT Director assists the registrar with registration setup and buildout in our sports management system as well as working with scheduler to setup website calendars and integrate with team pages and our sports management system. Responsible for researching and recommending new IT services. 

Tyler Seabrook

ADM Coordinator

Shall be the main point of contact in regard to USA Hockey’s ADM program and officials. The ADM Coordinator will assist PYH in all aspects of ADM compliance, including education of the coaching staff on ADM and how it is applied, promoting parent education relative to ADM, and providing clear goals and objectives for player skill development. The ADM Coordinator must be comfortable communicating with coaches, players, and parents. The ADM Coordinator’s main goal is to maintain PYH as a USA Hockey Model ADM Association in good standing. Specific responsibilities include; Keep parents educated on ADM and development of players, ensure PYH stays in compliance with USA Hockey’s ADM program, and meet with coaches if necessary to make sure practices/games follow the ADM.

Bill Prevo

Ace Coordinator

Shall Communicate certification requirements to organization coaches and ensure compliance with USA Hockey and affiliate certification levels . As well as communicate with the District ACE Director, their Affiliate ACE Coordinator, and USA Hockey on all issues related to coaching at the local association level.

Kara Bruno

Ice Scheduler

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